V STOCKHOLM is a Vegan initiative created to celebrate your vegan lifestyle, even though it may not be an everyday commitment, it’s still a choice you’ve made for yourself and that’s worth celebrating! 

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V STOCKHOLM's mission has always been to support people's choice to consume vegan products and to help people in their transition into a vegan lifestyle. However, V STOCKHOLM didn’t plan to create jewellery at first, the idea came to mind when researching about how to maintain new habits and what you can do to support yourself to reach your goals. 

Recent studies have shown that when you want to achieve a long-term goal you are more likely to succeed if the change is supported or manifested through a ritual or celebration. Humans have performed rituals to strengthen their beliefs, cause or goals, for thousands of years.

We agree with the science and believe that through celebrating your choice and wearing a special piece, for the cause to live a vegan lifestyle, you are more likely to succeed!


A few words from V's founder!

“The idéa is simple, when wearing your V’ jewellery it is both a Celebration, a strengthening Ritual and a constant reminder of the choices you’ve made to go vegan. I’ve been vegan for 6 years and back then I watched a lot of documentaries about the environmental aspects which really struck me. I gave myself one year to transition into a vegan lifestyle. During that one year I did eat fish occasionally and yes I had Ben & Jerrys from time to time... luckily there’s vegan B&J’s in the stores today! When I think back to the time I made my decision the strengthening ritual for me was that I moved from New York to Stockholm. That was life-changing and a clear manifestation of my choice and goal, however, that’s not an easy ritual to perform when needed… although it helped me, I would have loved to celebrate my choice further. Challenging myself to stay vegan when wearing a special ring would have really spurred my will to succeed even more!”


What else do we at V STOCKHOLM do to build sustainability?
Besides the challenge and celebration of your choices, we want sustainability in as many ways as possible. We use recycled silver and the jewellery is made to order and by-hand - by a silversmith in Stockholm. The packaging we use is ECO certified and delivered to you with as little as almost no plastic. On top of that, we want to support the work that’s being done by organisations whose work protect endangered animals and who work for a sustainable would. 100 SEK per sold piece of jewellery is donated in full to charitable causes. You can read more about what we support here.


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